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Background information

Welcome to the website for open spaces.

A hoard of information for public administrations, public space departments, garden contractors and architects, schools and anyone who wants to execute large-scale green projects.

Many dozens of trees, shrubs and perennials have been carefully selected from the wide, high-quality range of Flemish nurserymen. The special characteristics of these plants can be found on practical fact sheets, filled to the brim with detailed information.
The plants were particularly selected for their use in modern public space policy, but all the information of this website can also be accessed by private individuals.

This unique plant database with photographs is a handy and useful instrument.
It offers a good overview of the properties and use of plants under the motto: ‘de the right plant in the right place’.
You can search for plants using numerous key words: the Latin and English name, type of plant, habitat, soil, altitude, flowering period, colour, etc.
The plant fact sheets can be freely consulted, downloaded and printed.

A handy overview of all the plants can also be found separately per type: trees, schrubs and perrenials. For each type you will find useful general information about the use and handy tips and you can look up separately in the database.

This website wants to offer designers and builders of public spaces a number of recommendations for a modern policy, with the emphasis on low-maintenance plants. More information about this can be found in the 'Background information’ section.

The right plant in the right place: this makes it a lot easier.

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